So rich, so pretty

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I like a girl with caked up makeup
in the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time
who wakes up to a bottle of wine on the nightstand
bites and scratches the blinds
but I ain't found one quite right yet
so I step with pep to the park or supermarket
her apartment best be messy
And Lisa don't mind when I call her Leslie she's gotta dress with class
and Jean Paul Gaultier and a Hermes bag and four inch tips made of ostrich
sharp enough to slit your wrists her lips spread gossip
won't say sorry when she offends
she comes over to my place in her old man's Benz
in gold and silver and jewels of all colors
and she doesn't take them off when we're tearing up the covers

come on and get it before I change my mind
come on kid, don't waste my time
so rich, so pretty
the best piece of ass in the whole damn city
so rich, so pretty...

I like a girl who eats and brings it up
a sassy little frassy with bulimia
her best friend's a plastic surgeon
and when her Beamer's in the shop she rolls the Benz
manis and pedis on Sundays and Wednesdays
money from mommy lovely in Versace
costly sprees, it's on at Barney's
and I love to watch her go through fifty g's calmly
she gets naughty with her pilates body
and thinks it's really funny when her nose goes bloody
'cause the blow is so yummy and it keeps her tummy empty
and M.D. makes her act more friendly
dance the night away
and she won't say nothing when she makes your man stray

come on and get it before I change my mind
come on kid, don't waste my time
so rich, so pretty
The best piece of ass in the whole damn city
come on and get it before I change my mind
come on kid, don't waste my time
so rich, so pretty
the best piece of ass in this whole damn city

I've had your kind before, Mickey
go get my purse, Mickey
lock the door, Mickey
you're just a midnight snack
shhhh, don't talk back
you're just a boy Mickey
you're just a toy Mickey
you're just a boy Mickey

come on and get it before I change my mind
come on kid, don't waste my time
so rich, so pretty
the best piece of ass in the whole damn city
so rich, so pretty
so rich, so pretty
so rich, so pretty
the best piece of ass in the whole damn city

so rich, so pretty
so rich, so rich
so pretty, so pretty
Mickey, Mickey
so pretty, so pretty
Mickey, Mickey
the best piece of ass in the whole damn city
Mickey, Mickey
the best piece of ass in the whole damn city
Mickey, Mickey
the best piece of ass in the whole damn city

There is a hell, believe me I've seen it.

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There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret.
Hello my party people. I've not been blogging in a while. Why? I've been doing some living.
So what have you guys been up to? Did you have a good midsummer? Mine was up and down and a little to the right. It ended well though. I dreamed of exactly who I wanted to.
I've been listening to THIS song on repeat the entire night. It's Bring Me The Horizon "Don't go". That song has so many layers, so give it a shot and listen all the way trough. It's pretty heavy at times. And if you like it you can give "Crucify Me" a shot too.
Ahhhh, I have no inspiration in writing something that's fun to read today. I'm usually good with words, but today my brain seems to be off. I'll try to take some pics later, maybe my creativity would rather show itself in some pixels.
If I let you in, you'd just want out.
If I tell you the truth, you'd vie for a lie.
If I spilt my guts, it would make a mess we can't clean up.
If you follow me, you will only get lost.
If you try to get closer, we'll only lose touch.
Yes, you already know too much,
and you're not going anywhere.
Tell me that you need me 'cause I love you so much.
Tell me that you love me 'cause I need you so much.
Tell me that you need me 'cause I love you so much.
Say you'll never leave me 'cause I need you so much.

Svett är fett som gråter

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.. läste jag någonstans. Om så är fallet har mitt fett storbölat idag. 1,5 timme cirkelträning, jag mådde inte bra efteråt! Inte direkt efter i alla fall. Då trodde jag att jag skulle spy OCH hade blodsmak i munnen, badass jag vet. 1 timme senare mådde jag super!

Vad har jag mer gjort? En sväng i skolan, kollar på O.C. just nu och försöker häva i mig vatten, har varit så dålig på det. Med all energi & protein stuff jag dricker nu så är verkligen minst 2l vatten om dagen ett måste, annars kommer njurarna snart säga till (igen).

Men vi hörs senare - är inte så rolig just nu. Är nästan sugen på att träna mer, det är ganska skönt när man har passerat illamående-stadiet och blod smakar ju gott, eller vad tycker ni?

Working out like a boss.

Det finns två

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Jag älskar foton. Jag älskar retuscherade foton och jag älskar spontana polaroider. Just av den anledningen tycker jag att det är väldigt logiskt att jag har två favorit fotografer (om jag bara får välja två, annars blir listan lång..). Mr. Realism vs. Mr. Surrealism kan man kanske säga? Även om båda har tendensen att slänga in något udda (den ena mer, den andra mindre) i bilden som gör den lite off.

Först har vi den knappt retuscherande Terry Richardson som vars foton är väldigt lätta att känna igen. Checka hans ofta uppdaterade fotoblogg här om ni är lite smått kändiskåta och vill se New Yorks starlets fast på bild (samt mer eller mindre varenda person man kan kalla "känd", från Obama till Jersey Shores cast), om ni dock hellre vill skylla på att ni gillar hans bilder så är det okej.

Med andra ord:
kallar du dig känd och inte har blivit fångad av Terrys lins, who the f*ck are you?

Sen har vi fotografen som tar något av det mest retuscherade och plastiga jag har sett.
David LaChapelle
. Älskar det orealistiska, överdriva och bisarra. Den enda jag kan likna hans stil vid är som ett rosa tuggummi med ecstasy smak eller en polerad version av Fellinis bildkonst, hur skulle ni beskriva det? Jag gillart i alla fall. Checka mer från honom här.

Work it

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Okej, vi kör lite svenska, jag vet att vissa tycker det är åh-så-jobbigt att läsa på engelska - och jag förstår er. Jag menar vi läste det ju bara från lågstadiet och vi är ett land som inte dubbar filmer, så det är ju ganska lätt att frångå att lära sig det. Men okej. Jag är ju en liten svennebanan och då får jag väl skriva på svedalska.

Ska strax iväg till gymmet. Vad stoppar mig? Det är otroligt varmt. Jag vet att vi alla har längtat efter sol och värme, men kom igen? Finns det inget mellanting mellan 15 och 30 grader!?

Jaja, jag får väl ta mig i tån (i brist på kragar) och dricka upp min no-xplode // som förövrigt är den bästa pre-workout drickan jag testat - tips från coachen! // få lite adhd energi och svettas på gymmet istället för i solen. Ni vet solbränna är såååå 2010 (det är bara HM som inte har fattat det än).

Vill ni se något kul? Kolla HÄR.
Ni kommer att bli sugna på att träna, I promise!

All träning är bra träning.

Guess who is back?

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Ready to pour some decadence over your summer.

Pour some sugar on me

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Gaspard Ulliel... comme dans un rêve...

I'm better

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Who run the world?

Nobody likes a copy cat

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The blonde in Manhattan

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Marilyn in Manhattan
Marilyn in Manhattan
Marilyn in Manhattan
Marilyn in Manhattan
Marilyn in Manhattan
Marilyn Monroe in 1955

These images of Monroe by Ed Feingersh, recently uncovered by photography collector Michael Ochs, offer an unusually intimate portrait of the Hollywood icon during her 1955 move to New York, where she came to train at the Lee Strasberg Actors Studio. Relaxed and candid, they reveal the lonely side of Monroe, recently divorced from baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and desperately seeking new inspiration.

Source: Nowness

You may be surprised

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We like it raw

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Akila's photos are always raw and sultry. Her pics remind me of old photographs, the ones you can find of your parents and their earlier partners. Intimate, real and beautiful. Photos like that rarely are taken with a digital camera. It's something about the old way I miss... When you got your pictures back and flipped through them, not knowing how they had turned out. There is a realness in them that's so lost now. I think the pics above captures that realness. What do you guys think?

These photos are from the latest issue of Contributor Magazine. Check out Contributors website for more awesome shots, or Akila's site if you haven't already.


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Okay. Where to start... I do actually love this. This is probably as far away from decadence you can come. Carousels and my little pony.. But somewhere in my little girly heart I find this incredibly cute. This is from the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 show, LV has never been one of my favorite brands, but I do like this little princess theme. I almost feel like they have gotten the inspiration for the collection from all those blond girls with pastel colored hair highlights or like they had dipped their hair in dye,


you remember this trend?

..and the "inspiration" (read: stolen idea) for the show probably comes from when Chanel did the carousel thing back in F/W 2008...


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Wow! Somebody has grown up! Frances Bean Cobain shot by Hedi Slimane. She really has lost a lot of weight! She does look a bit trashy, but hey! It's grunge... I am surprised finding myself thinking she looks pretty in some of these, what do you think?

Miss Pretty Reckless

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Taylor Momsen
. Definitely a part of the decadence crew. I do love her trashy grunge rock style, what do you guys think? Too trashy? or rock n roll perfection? On another note: my mom would have killed me if I dressed like that at her age (she's 18 now, but she dressed the same way when she was 16/17).


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So, let me explain what Château Decadence is to me. This is not a blog, this is a lifestyle.
You know how you have dreams that you want to happen before the age of ... and dreams that you have your whole life to realize. C.D. is that life long project for me, there is no end to it - I can see anything happening; books, tv serie, movies, magazine, clothing line, music, musical, nightclubs, hotels.. the list goes on..

Château Decadence is a concept more than anything. The concept of living life to its fullest without boundaries. Ever wanted to go to a nightclub that never closes? No dress code, you can come naked if you want to. Of course when, or lets say IF, you get in you will have the time of your life, every night. I see crystal chandeliers (and of course cristal champagne), smoke, velvet, burlesque and decadence. Not burlesque as in a forced show, but natural. The life of no limits has no stops, no prudence. You're not vulgar, you're spontaneous. Nobody will judge you, no cameras - no consequences. What happens in Château Decadence stays in Château Decadence, and is only shared that one night with those special selected few that have the code to get in. Tempted? I am.

21, the best hand

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So, officially 21 now. 22.32. I had some trouble grasping that I'm actually 21.. not so much over looks or even age, just that I'm not exactly where I want to be in my life.. I wish I had come further. But here I stand, stronger than ever. All of my 20th year was a learning experience, boys, love, job, money, dreams and most of all I no longer have a knee problem, which is crazy. Since I was 16 my knee has been one of my biggest hold backs. But today - it's as good as new! Thanks to surgery in Strasbourg and rehab in St Raphaël. I'm incredibly thankful for that. 
So what does that mean? I'm ready to rock this show!!! My keywords this year is: NO REGRETS. I will finally take every opportunity I get and make the most of my life, my dreams and.. well.. everything. I had a little panic over turning 21, but when my friend said; hey, 21 is the best you can get [in cards]. It turned around. I'm happy about it - this is my year, my life and my goals and I will freakin fight for it! Because I finally can! This is my vanity year, money year, career year and as said, my year. I'll make all my dreams come true. Just watch me.
Thank you to friends&family for making this a great Bday with loads of champagne. I love you all. Nighty night from the new little narcissist in town.
xo, A.


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Officially one year older. Not that much wiser. My Bday - a.k.a. Champagne day.
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